Mwangaza Tour Journal

All kinds of people, we hear, have been praying for the Mwangaza Choir. So we wanted to let you, our supporters, parents and concerned citizens know what's going on during the tour. Feel free to add your own comments.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Meetings and Exams

With the staff in meetings with Pastor Peter all morning, the children were left studying for their exams. Joy of joys, lunch came from McDonald's so Adam and Mark were particularly happy about that (although there was some concern expressed that In And Out burgers would have been better). At morning devotions, the kids cheered when they heard that Mwangaza Two have their visas to go to Holland in September. After lunch, the kids started exams - not end of year exams but to give the teachers an idea of how they are doing. So by home time, everyone was pretty exhausted. Lucky for us, we're in Southern California so most of the host families have swimming pools. I guess the kids will spend most of the evening in the pool and the adults will spend most of the evening in the hot tub!